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PHP Flat Estimation & Payment Forms



Create easily your own flat and responsive cost estimation or payment forms on your website .
This can be used to sell any type of service or products: applications, websites, graphics, pets, lunar fragments …. or anything else.

The user gets an accurate estimate of its request. The final estimation will be sent by email.


This standalone version works with any PHP website. It contains an independent backend to manage forms.

If you use WordPress, you can find the WP version of this plugin here .


  • Fully responsive
  • Independant backend (can be integrated in your own backend using iframe)
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Works with any PHP website
  • Multiple forms management
  • Fully manage Forms, Fields, Steps and Items
  • Customize colors, texts and currency
  • Integrate your forms using shortcodes
  • Items can be checkbox, textfields or pictures
  • Items can be grouped, required, selected by default, or have a negative cost
  • Items can be selected by quantities
  • Items images can be automatically colored with the selected main color
  • Item may have a price or apply a percentage to the total
  • Step may depend on the selection of an item
  • Popup can easily be opened, using css class on link
  • Fast & easy import/export data system (images included !)
  • You can create your own textfields in the last step
  • You can apply differents reductions depending on the quantity selected
  • Confirmation email can be sent to the customer too
  • Emails can be customized from backend
  • Progress bar can show total price or step number
  • You can add a paypal payment to your forms


  • PHP Version >= 5.2
  • mySQL Database


If you want to add a paypal payment on a form, go to your backend form panel and set “Yes” to the field “Use paypal payment”.

  • Enter your paypal email address
  • Select the desired currency
  • Change the “Call an url on close” field to change the url which will be opened after payment.

At the end of the form, the user will be redirected to the paypal payment page. The payment title contains the form title and the order reference. You’ll find the same reference on the order email detailing the selection.

Unlimited colors choice

Admin panel


Click here to see the plugin page